Deuk Young Co., Ltd. promises the best products and services based on accumulated experience.

Product Features

S.A.P (Super Absorbent Polymer)

Deuk-Young Co., Ltd. uses S.A.P for the cable industry, not a hygienic one.

This S.A.P, which is a product developed to use for the cable industry, has better thermal stability and long-term stability than general hygienic products.

Furthermore, when water permeates because a cable jacket is damaged, it minimizes the extent of the damage on a cable by quickly preventing water from being spread inside a cable with its fast and early absorbing power.

Gel Strength after Absorbing

Gel strength is a very important element in the water blocking test of a cable.

In other words, absorbent powder should
maintain its basic characteristics after heat is applied.

Deuk-Young Co., Ltd. selectively uses special S.A.P
through understandings on the cable industry.
The following pictures compare the results after heat-treating
Deuk-Young’s product and the competitors’ products.

Flowing Powder Prevention

Single-layer water blocking tape, produced using our company’s patented technology is a product only Deuk Young can produce.
There are no S.A.P delamination and flowing phenomena while using for
cable production.

It shows the best water blocking performance of cables by
maintaining the absorbency performance even after manufacturing the cables.
It also prevents problems where workers inhale the S.A.P while
maintaining the clean facilities and manufacturing cables
because there is no flowing powder phenomena.