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The role of S / W Tape in the cable

Cables including electrical and communication optical fiber cables causes a lot of problems due to the permeation of water when buried underground and installed in the air or at the bottom of the sea. To prevent these, Water blocking tapes, yarns, and powders which use super absorbent polymers in the middle layer spaces between the center and the outermost layer of a cable, are used to make wires maintain their original functions by blocking water or moisture from permeating in the early stage.

The basic principle is that when water permeates a damaged part of a cable, a super absorbent material (Water blocking tape, yarn, and powder) prevents more permeation by becoming a form that fills the damaged part by absorbing water and swelling.

Also, a rust inhibitor is added and mixed to a super absorbent material (Water blocking tape, yarn, and powder) to prevent the corrosion of the center of a cable or others, and a stabilizer is added to make the water blocking material maintain its functions, as much as the life of a cable, for long-term durability of a water blocking material.

Therefore, in the current cable industry, materials for some waterproofing cables were changed to dry types such as the (Water blocking tape, yarn, and powder) from wet types such as the previous flooding compounds or filling compounds. They will be changed more so dry-type water blocking materials (water blocking tape, yarn, and powder) are being used more and are being developed.

Accordingly, Deuk-Young Co., Ltd. is also seeking more advanced methods than the current ones for the cable water blocking system by focusing on developing more advanced types of dry type water blocking materials, besides (water blocking tape, yarn, and powder) which are currently mass-manufacturing products.